Growth has given way to innovation

Innovation is about trust, trust is about people.

Our team consists of creative entrepreneurs and professionals. Thinkers and doers who have done it already. We are not just consultants who sit on the sidelines writing presentations. We achieve results with a combination of our knowledge, experience and creative ability to think and to implement. We believe in what we do, and we do what we believe in. We focus all our energy, our attention and our entrepreneurial ability on what we do.

We developed KNAB with its innovative business model, EnergieDirect for Essent as its own speedboat, launched NLZiet as an answer on Netflix, helped Toon expand from energy into security, designed the new platforms for Bidfood and so much more...

But we don't want to tell you all that. Take a look at our sustainable innovations

If you are facing a monster challenge

Contact us for a no obligation discussion. We will be happy to tell you more about how we work, what experience our people have, and how we deploy "show your true colours" ("kleur bekennen" in Dutch).

Curious about the book of the same name "Kleur bekennen"? Order it here.