What makes you different from the rest? A CEO asked us recently when he had his back to the wall

We develop new approaches, real businesses and scenarios and incorporate these. You can see this in our name: create + inc. We build on the basis of the organisation's core beliefs, and do this using our own methodology: show your true colours. We develop a clear compass and take charge of directing the implementation. Together we set the pace, but be aware that things can move swiftly.

From our vision and experiences we know that by thinking outside the box and breading down conventions, real innovation can be created. Because the real opportunities lie outside your own playing field. We would love to sit down and work with you to obtain some insights, and then put these into practice in our unique way.

We love creating

We believe that innovation comes from the core of the organisation and combine this with the rules of tomorrow's game, or the day after tomorrow's. We parley these rules and the power of organisations into new business models. We work together to create a clear lodestone so that we can be sure of taking the right direction. Along with everything else that involves. 

This might include:

  • Providing inspiration about innovation based on our own experience

  • Showing your true colours; defining the brand, the role and the core of the creative innovation

  • Setting up a new strategic road

  • Next level business and organisation models

  • Growing it from start-up to scale-up 

We know how we need to create a business

We take control of the realization and introduce the innovation.

This might include:

  • Validating the innovation

  • Propositions and pricing strategy

  • Business propositions and new organisational model

  • Organisation of IT and platformbuilding

  • Branding and (re)positioning

That goes further than just structures. Creating a business also includes training and coaching existing teams in the shift to new structures and ways of working. By coaching and providing all the insights and tools you need, we can guide everyone to a comfortable situation that they "own". 

We do this using the methodology know as "Show your true colours"

This is what we are good at: the model we developed under the name "Show your true colours" lies behind successful innovation in organisations.

We know that if you are doing something that motivates you deeply, then you as a person and the organisation will flourish and succeed. That is why we like to apply the well-known model "Show your true colours". Because without a clear role and colour, you cannot achieve sustainable innovation. Are you a facilitator, a guider, an inspirer or a servicer? And how do you give substance to that? 

Always have a clear compass

Starting with the colour of your organisation we can design the compass. Because only a clear and strongly embedded compass will lead you to genuine innovation. We will review together the contents of the important components of sustainable innovation. The beating heart which fuels ideas, new businesses and scenarios.

This is not something we do from the sidelines, but in the mix. On the playing field. Sometimes as attacking players, sometimes as coach and sometimes as trainer. We only stop once the tactics are clear and the victory is there for the taking.