Innovation is about trust, trust is about people

Within Creatinc. we like to work with professionals who have proven to have made a difference. Creative experts and entrepreneurs with a focus on results. In addition to our core team, we also work with our friends of innovation. A broad network of professionals who complement, strengthen and are involved.

Rachelle van der Linden

Creatinc. was imagined and created by Rachelle. After a career where the creation of innovation played a key part at Rabobank, VODW, Essent and others she founded Creatinc. about fifteen years ago. Breaking conventions and personal fascination are what drives her to innovate. Rachelle has many other strings to her bow (including the supervisory boards of the Utrecht Exhibition Centre and of Albron) and is much in demand as a speaker at conferences and seminars. In 2018 and 2019, she made the list of top ten most influential businesswomen in the Netherlands.

Michel van Westen

Michel joined is Creatinc. from a successful background in the financial sector and the fintech industry, including with Buckaroo and Enigma Consulting. His enjoyment of helping companies to grow hands-on by applying innovation from the core outwards and being smart in reviewing and taking action is what brought him to Creatinc. Michel is highly skilled strategically and commercially, has a strong sensitivity for organisational issues and is a naturally skilled coach. He has several strings to his bow (including board member of a museum) and regularly chairs conferences.

Daniƫlle Robben

Transforming businesses and institutions to join the digital world is what gets Daniëlle out of bed in the morning. She develops (digital) strategies, prepares clear proposals and coaches the process, so that the result of these efforts actually see the light of day. She is pragmatic, has plenty of perseverance and can bring people together. At DPG Media, she showed just how you develop and streamline online platforms. And at Salmon Consulting she managed to convince traditional businesses of the power of the digital. This is how she made a difference, as she continues to do now at Creatinc. Daniëlle is a member of the jury for the Esprix Awards and uses her knowledge to support businesses with a social goal.

Astrid Hessels

Astrid is highly skilled at incorporating new business models into transparent structures. She is working at the cutting edge of operational excellence, commerce and strategy and in a good position to guide companies smoothly through change to reach their goals. She has an eye for what is not being said, and contributes undiluted business acumen in her thinking and her actions. Astrid's background is as an organisational sociologist, and she has shown her top sports mentality when introducing changes in very different businesses, such as VODW and KPN.

Anna Wessels

From her people-oriented background and education, Anna has always been interested in what drives people. As Coordinator Innovation Experiences within Creatinc. and with a lot of natural flair and a practical approach, Anna is responsible for organizing and coordinating Next Level Leadership Experiences, Color Confessing sessions and supporting activities. She is also involved in the further expansion of the partner network and the development of new initiatives.

Gerbrand Meijer

Gerbrand has been associated with Creatinc for a long time. With a broad background in software development, architecture, product development and data, Gerbrand has been at the source of many innovations and platforms. Gerbrand is responsible for designing and realizing the technology behind the innovations of NLZiet and Beyond Eyes. Two platforms that are established and continue to grow. Not only is he highly skilled and communicatively strong, but his own clear vision, autonomous way of working and commitment to realizing success make him unique.

Our signature: we successfully bring you to tomorrow's world

  1. We know and work from the rules of tomorrow 

  2. We design new concepts based on the customer's interests  

  3. We work with a unique and proven method - Kleur Bekennen

  4. We promise to develop something unique that fits your DNA and is therefore sustainable

  5. We keep going until we reach the finish line successfully together

  6. We are not consultants but top teams that have done it successfully before